What's New In FrameBuilding | Summer 2010

Fellow Framebuilders:

In addition to what Dave has mentioned, there are
a lot of other things that have been added or are being
worked on for the IBFE.

The new hotel location will be a more intimate place,
one that we can mingle and meet one another for before
and after show activities, like meals and such. The room rates
will be significantly lower than the previous location; and it's
right in the coastal downtown area where all the "action" is!
The Gaslamp Quarter is a few blocks away, as is the Little Italy
section of San Diego Old Town is also nearby. Trolley lines
run all over the place, including to the Mexican border.
Riding from that area is easy and Mission Bay and the beaches
(not to mention the airport) are all right there. The location
is unusually excellent for an event such as this. The hall itself
(Golden Hall) has hosted most of the famous rock acts of
the 60's and 70's including Frank Zappa several times,
the Rolling Stones, The Beach Boys, Bob Dylan,
The Yardbyrds, The Doors, Them, Pink Floyd,
Jefferson Airplane, Buffalo Springfield, etc. The list goes on
forever! Most of these were in the first few years; the concerts
continued up until 1997, ending up with Yes as the final
concert. We are working on the return of the expanded
version of the MotherFluxers to play Golden Hall during the
show ( probably at a party on Friday night ) on the main stage.

We will have an expanded hands on seminar schedule in 2011.
We have a place on the show premises where we can do
hands on brazing demos along with the technical info on same,
plus the standard clinics on fitting, filing and lugwork, and jig
and fixture making. We are adding the "Bicycle Framebuilding Parts"
swap meet in 2011. There will be vintage lugs and bits for sale or
trade from the stashes of a considerable number of framebuilders.
Newbies will find a gold mine of cool old school and modern
framebuilding parts to make nice frames from in the future.

We're working on a "special theme" for the 2011 show.
We're going to feature Cyclocross racing and cyclocross
framebuilders as the focus on builders in 2011. There is likely to
be a local cyclocross race held nearby in Balboa Park, where the
finish is probably going to take place Paris-Roubaix style on the
San Diego Velodrome! Not at all unlike the following day, as
we party down on the last day of the show ( Sunday ) while
watching the coverage of the REAL Paris-Roubaix in France.

In addition to all of our activities, the 3rd annual San Diego
Colnago Gran Fondo is happening just down the street in Little Italy
that same Sunday. Last year there were 3000 registered riders there.
I expect there will be even more in 2011. They will have at least 2
full days to come to the Framebuilders Exposition while they are in
town for the ride. This weekend in San Diego will be absolutely full
of cyclists and bike related activities.

The Saturday Taco and Beer Party will be held at my new
workshop on my property out in La Mesa, just about in the same
area that the party in years past was at Joe Bell's shop. I'm a little
closer to the show location. We'll have a blast at my place for $10
per person which includes all the Carne Asada and Chicken Tacos
(and rice and beans) you can eat and beer and other drinks.
Party on 3 sky decks with views of Mexico, coastal islands, and
local mountains and landmarks.

The critical part of the show this year is that, on account of the
new venue, we will need more operating capital up front this year.
What we need most, that which will insure that we can do the best
job of organizing and promoting the show, which benefits YOU
the most; is for the exhibitors ( both framebuilders and non-builders )
to commit to coming to the show EARLY this time. We can't wait
until close to the show. It would do all of us the most good if we
collect the money for the booths right now, or very soon.
Our prices are still oriented towards making the event HIGHLY
profitable for you to attend and as inexpensive as we can make it.
PLEASE help us do a good job for you by making your decision to
display, network, and socialize with us as soon as possible.
Do it now so it won't be a problem during the late in the year
Holiday Season, when there is no money. We're still offering an
additional discount of $100 off the booth price for
FRAMEBUILDERS who are east of the Mississippi River.
I spoke to a bunch of these guys while at the Cirque recently.
There will be a LOT of builders coming from the East, Southeast,
and Midwest areas. The Europeans are trying to work out their
schedules ( we may have some major surprises in store ) and
the Asian builders are looking into the dates. Would like to see
some builders from Australia make it to the show.
The invitations will be going out to everyone soon.

Thanks for taking time to read this. We hope everyone will
join us in this great show of International Brotherhood
amongst the framebuilding community. Please plan to add to the
quality of our event with your presence and a display of the work
that you do. Do it soon, so we can plan the best event possible.
Thanks you, all.

Brian Baylis
La Mesa, CA