2nd Annual San Diego Custom Bicycle Show

Framebuilders and all,

The second annual San Diego Custom Bicycle Show
is now all set to go. The Booth spaces are nearly gone,
I think there are only two left. Our show takes shape
in slightly different ways that some other shows.
Each year we learn how to put on a better show and how
to make the process easier. We focus our attention towards
having a good show for both the exhibitors AND the
spectators. We want all framebuilders and those interested
in framebuilding, to have a great time here, and especially
come away with more knowledge about our craft.

We have just finished working out a deal with the Fit Kit
organization whereby any framebuilder attending the
show can become a certified fitting technician for free,
by attending the 5 hour seminar to be presented during
the early part of Thursday, the day we will set up the booths.
The seminar will run until 4pm Thursday. We will also
be presenting our live hands on framebuilding technique
demonstrations featuring myself, Dave Bohm on lugcutting
and jewelers saw work, and hopefully again Rob Roberson
and some fixturing demonstrations along with some stand
up comedy. Last year he presented a super informative
seminar and was quite humorous while doing it

We have a great crowd of builders coming to the show,
both old timers and newer and younger builders.
As always there will be a sizable group from Oregon
(primarily Portland) coming down and having their own
Community area, so to speak. Mark DiNucci is scheduled
to show also. Oregon will be well represented in San Diego.
The Northern CA builders are coming down, along with
several from CO, AZ, and TX. Wayne Bingham is
bringing a display from Mel Pinto Imports in VA also.
Our primary aim is to make every framebuilder feel
welcome and equal. We believe that we all need to
work together towards some common goals that will
bring our craft to the public as often as possible and always
in a positive light. We also feel there is a lot of tradition
in framebuilding that should be respected; and we hope
to preserve the traditions of high craftsmanship and design
in framebuilding. We feel the best way to accomplish this
is to support and encourage those who are the small
craftsman buiders, regardless of one's situation; and to
help a new generation of framebuilders carry on the true
craft of making handmade bicycle frames.

Please check the website at SD Custom Bicycle Show
and make plans to attend our event. We have spent more
time with advertising this year and less time soliciting
vendors, since finding exhibitors to come to San Diego
and have a good time is not difficult. We're looking
forward to all of the great bikes; but honestly the best
part of these shows is the social part.

Hope you can join us. We see the future of custom
framebuilding as a bright one, as long as we keep the
traditions alive as we move into the future!

Brian Baylis.