Introduction :: Baylis Handmade Cycles

Welcome! For those who are not familiar with my basic nature;
just having this blog is a departure from my ordinary preferences
for doing business. There are a number of reasons for this; most
of which will become clear as you read through. Since I am not
a "typical" type person, one should expect my approach and
blog to follow suit. I fully intend for this to be the case.

Unlike blogs whose purpose is to promote and advertise,
my purpose shall be primarily, but not exclusively, to
educate. Additionally, I intend to help you understand
what is real and what is fantasy, as related to the process
of designing and building custom frames. From this,
I hope the consumer and enthusiast will learn to think
and reason for themselves, and see frames from a
more educated perspective.

Our craft has recently turned towards business techniques
of mass marketing. This is partly due to people using
the internet. There are always two sides to these things.
Some information is good. However, some things are aimed at taking advantage of the
trusting nature of people, in a negative way. If you are comfortable
with ignorance and are susceptible to believe whatever is
printed, no matter what the source, then there is no point
in reading any further.

However, if you prefer to expand your knowledge and
understanding of the handmade bicycle, please join me,
as I try to post some of the things that I have learned
in the last 35 years.

Brian Baylis, February 5, 2010.